Gruppo Masserdotti spa is General Contractor in the field of Visual Communication, with competences that include design, printing and installation of public and private areas in both internal and external environments. It is especially focused on retail oulets, providing them with innovative communication systems.

The company, born in 1967, has always stood out for its constant offer of new communicative solutions. Its history highlights a constant evolution in terms of technology, turnover, know how, expertise, quality and recognition.

Two are the areas where it currently operates: Digital Decoration and Digital Signage.

The area of Digital Decoration gathers all communicative solutions relative to Interior Decoration and Digital Printing: with a highly qualified staff of decorators and a production centre provided with the most advanced and updated printing and colour-calibration systems, it meets each need relating to image and communication, offering great opportunities of customizations and restyling of public and private spaces.

The Digital Signage area is based on communication and focuses especially on digital technologies such as screens, projections, videowalls and other integrated systems that allow remote transmission of contents by means of the exclusive proprietary software Palinsesto.

Initially thought for a corporate clientele, Palinsesto is today an instrument at anyone’s disposal thanks to, the first and only online shop for technological solutions of visual communication created by Domino Sistemi, a department of Gruppo Masserdotti spa. This aims at providing an easy access point, intuitive and directed to the best solutions of visual display and Digital Signage.

Great professionalism, reliability and expertise have granted Gruppo Masserdotti the acquisition of important commissions and important clients belonging to various market categories on national and international territory.

«Thanks to experience and investment capabilities in research and development of new technologies and specialized human resources, we want to work next to the customer and be the partner for visual communication, offering advanced solutions for the image» (A.Masserdotti)